From an early age and naturally inquisitive, I asked my parents many questions about the Catholic Church, and with so many important icons in Catholicism, I wanted to understand each saint, and story. The lessons begun with St. Anthony. 

My little brother was born three years ago, which made me think a lot about how we could make it educational yet fun to learn about Catholicism. 

Little Drops of Water® is a project I begun in August 2014, and with my father’s support, we were able to develop the first Saint drawings. We brought these Saint drawings to my brother's class and saw all the kids his age eager to ask questions, wanting to know more. My ultimate dream is for my brand, Little Drops of Water® to be available to all children. 

Learning about Jesus, Mary and all the Saints and Popes are important, Little Drops of Water® helps reach out to children from an early age and create a connection early on.I decided to call these Little Drops of Water® for each Mary, Saint or Pope represented, as they are truly capable of healing us, it is important for children to believe in them and understand the strength and lesson behind each story. 

Even for a young girl, this was very inspiring and uplifting. But I see now how important these stories truly are, it is amazing to see these now represented in toys and other items we have made so far, the possibilities are endless and to think we have only just started...!

I hope you love my Little Drops of Water® as much as I do. 

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